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  • Live Day Trading Room 8 Hours / Day
  • Daily Trade Plan
  • Weekend Charting Review analyzing over 100 companies
  • Earn While You Learn with Daily Trade Picks
  • ​Full Benzinga Pro Access!!


Hi, my name is Nic Chahine and I’ve been trading professionally for over 20 years — and 11 years with Benzinga. In my options mentorship program, you’ll learn how to protect your downside during bear markets and capitalize on trends … without all the stress of getting started and adapting to market volatility …

… because I teach step-by-step in the simplest terms possible, and ensure that you ALWAYS know what’s really going on in the market along with every trade I make. 

You don’t have to be an expert to start! 

In addition to daily video calls, I will give you daily trades that you can make without sitting at your computer all day. 

Every trading day from 9am-4pm ET, you’ll get trade callouts, answers to your questions and high-quality discussion about opportunities to profit. 

But I also want to teach you to stand on your own! 

By joining the Benzinga Pro Options Mentorship program, you’ll be invited to join me and the Benzinga Pro community for weekend strategy sessions where we cover over 100 stocks & cryptocurrencies, go over charts and set a game plan for the week ahead. 

Lastly, my program includes all the other professional tools and information on the Benzinga Pro terminal, so you always know what’s happening in the market before major price changes.
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